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Ways to make Holiday Travel Easier for the Elderly

Holiday travel can be a stressful time for the elderly, as they may not be accustomed to the increase in traffic and crowds. However, there are ways to make the trip easier if you plan ahead. Since many seniors take daily medications, it’s important to bring an ample supply with you and keep it in a safe location. If you have extra pills, pack them separately to ensure you’ll have enough even if some are lost. Storing medication in both your luggage and purse is a smart move

1. Bring ample amounts of medicine & pack them separately

For seniors who require daily medication, it’s crucial to carry an adequate supply and store it in a secure location while traveling. If you have extra pills, packing them separately is a wise precaution in case some are lost. It’s also a good idea to split the medication between your luggage and purse.

2. Don’t attempt to carry heavy bags around the airport

If you’re flying, take advantage of the kiosk at the airport. Simply drive up to it before parking your car. Also, consider purchasing luggage that has wheels on the bottom, so you can easily pull it rather than carrying it over long distances. During the holiday season, most head, back, and neck injuries are caused by lugging around heavy luggage, so be mindful of the weight of your bags.


3. Contact the airline ahead about your walker and wheelchair

They are more than willing to accommodate such needs. Since the airport is so busy during the holidays though you need to let them know in advance. This way they can be sure to have staff available to assist you. 

4.  Arrive at the airport an hour earlier

Airline companies are always willing to accommodate travelers with special needs. However, during the holiday seasons, airports can get quite busy, so it’s crucial to inform them ahead of time. By doing so, they can provide adequate staff to help you with your needs.

5. Bring the medical history with you

Your medical history is crucial, especially if you have ongoing health issues. In the event that you are unable to communicate with medical professionals, it serves as a guide for those who aren’t familiar with your needs. Be sure to include any relevant details, such as medication allergies, in your medical history.

Don’t assume that older people don’t enjoy traveling during the holidays. Take the necessary precautions to guarantee your safety while traveling. This includes ensuring that you have covered all your bases. The better your trip goes, the more enjoyable your holiday season will be once you reach your final destination.