Fun Activities for Kids Under Twelve on Cruise Ships

Every year, numerous people opt to embark on a cruise for their vacation. Given the chance, many parents would prefer to take a cruise without their children. Cruise ships are often thought to be unsuitable for children due to a misconception shared by parents and the community, but this belief is not accurate.


If you have a child under twelve, consider bringing them on a cruise for a memorable and exciting experience. Cruise lines offer activities tailored to children, ensuring an enjoyable time for them. Not only will a cruise be memorable to your child, but it will be exciting. Check the cruise ship’s activities for children under twelve before booking, as they may vary but are generally available on most ship.

On cruise ships, one of the popular activities for kids under twelve is gaming, with arcade rooms being a common feature where children can safely have fun. Although these rooms are usually supervised by cruise staff, it’s still important for parents to keep an eye on their children. When letting kids play in the arcade room alone, use your discretion.

Another enjoyable activity for children under twelve is swimming, as all vacation cruise ships have swimming pools, including wading pools on family-themed cruises. Just like with the arcade room, parents should use their judgment when allowing their children to swim without supervision. While lifeguards will be present, they can’t always ensure your child’s safety.

Another enjoyable activity for children under twelve is swimming. Vacation cruise ships are equipped with a swimming pool, as well as wading pools on family-themed cruises. While there are lifeguards on duty, parental supervision is advised for unattended swimming. Moreover, cruise ships typically offer onboard movie theaters or performance stages. Many cruise lines showcase family-friendly movies, plays, and performances that younger children may find entertaining. To confirm if these activities are suitable for children under twelve, it’s recommended to review the cruise ship’s itinerary, which can be accessed with or without prior reservations.

Cruise ship dining venues typically cater to children under twelve with specialized menus offering tasty, kid-sized meals. Pricing for kids’ meals varies by ship, with many offering discounts for young guests. While onboard childcare centers provide relief for parents during family vacations. Trained caregivers supervise children of various ages, allowing parents a break for a small fee. 


With activities and facilities tailored to children under twelve, including childcare services grouped by age, cruising offers a family-friendly environment. If these amenities appeal to you, consider booking your next family vacation on a cruise ship.